Static App Factory

How does a startup build a $million app on a tiny budget in a weekend.

How can an enterprise harness agile / startup methodolies while maintaining quality.

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Great power comes

with great responsibility


Your App must go to market in 30 days and maintain quality and scalability

Software Architect

Design, model and generate Micro Services / Micro Apps with flexible code stacks

Fullstack Development

Build Micro Services / Micro Apps and link and connect in language of choice

You're looking to build enterprise applications

Quality / Testibility / Flexibility

Starter Applications on Steriods Why use simple boiler plates when you can get fully configured applications up and run in minutes with database, ci/unit testing and git versioning

Build a Micro Service / App in a day Using domain driven design principals, you build n-tier applications siloed into micro-services and micro-apps with flexibilty to create headless, serverless or fullstack applications

Full Coverage Testing Unit and Integration tests are built to for persistence, business and service layers. Test Data is auto created and configurable intergration tests are built

Golden Templates The golden templates allow you to be stack agnostic. Create your own opnionated componetns in your language. e.g. C#, Javascript, GO, Ruby & Python or client side with with Flutter, Vue, React, Angular etc.

Techology Agnostic

With DDD modeling and 'Golden Templates', you can pick your frontend/backend language

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The Klue is Less equals More

I've used klueless.io to build out spiders, dashboards and AI segmentation engine for the JobGetter.com Jobs AI platform.
David Cruwys
Software Architect
Helped to build a seven microservice apps in 20 hours at the Freelancer.com Hackerthon for StartCon 2018
Jin Qiu
Rails Developer
Built a distributed CMS in a day which replaced 9 websites on Shopify and WP engine cutting yearly cost from AUD $3500 to $0
Software Architect